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  • A Promotion/Posting list of 323 AEs to JTS post has been released by DGAIR on 30.05.2018. Click here for the list.

  • The DG:AIR vide order dated 17.05.2018, had extended upgraded pay scale of Rs 6500-10500 to all the EAs who had joined department till 05.10.2007 after 25.02.1999. It has however clarified that this will be counted against one MACP out of 3 eligible to them. Click here for the order.

  • Stay on Recovery: WP(C) No. 5168/2018 was filed by ARTEE before Delhi High Court to stay operation of MIB's order dated 31.01.2018 which envisaged to adjust one MACP against upgraded scales of MIB's order dated 25.02.1999 and effect recovery of excess payment after refixation of pay. The HC granted stay on 15.05.2018 with instruction to file Contempt Application before PB of CAT, New Delhi.  (1) Click here for MIB's order dated 31.01.2018.         (2)Click for High Court's Order dated 15.05.2018  

  • Grant of GP-5400 in PB-2 after 4 years of service to all RETIRED AEs WHO WERE WITH PAO (IRLA): The DGAIR, vide order dated 19.01.2018, had already clarified that PAO (IRLA) will suo motu grant the benefit to the eligible retired AEs without any further reference from DGAIR. Click here for the order of DGAIR dated 19.01.2018

  • DGAIR, vide Order dated 04.05.2018, had put on hold the refixation and recovery of pay being initiated by field offices of AIR & DD, by withdrawing one MACP due to grant of upgraded scales by MIB's Order dated 25.02.1999.  Click here for the order.

  • In OA No.457/2018 filed Sh Manjit Singh,AE & others before CAT, Chandigarh Bench, the CAT has given interim order not to make any recovery from the applicants by way of withdrawal of MACP. Click here for the CAT's Order dated 19.04.2018

  • Vide Order dated 18.04.2018 in OA No. 172/2018 filed by Sh. A.K.Agarawal before CAT, Jaipur Bench, the CAT has said that any promotion to JTS would be subject to decision in instant OA. Click here for the order of CAT

  • Vide Order dated 29.12.2017 in OA No. 542/2017 filed by Sh. K.N.Gupta & others before CAT, Jaipur Bench, the CAT has said that any promotion to JTS would be subject to decision in instant OA. Click here for the order of CAT

  • Vide Order dated 14.03.2018 in OA No. 199/2018 filed by Sh. Jokh Narayan Singh & others before CAT, Patna Bench for merger of 3 cadres of EA/SEA/AE wef 01.01.1996, the CAT has said that any promotion from SEA to AE would be subject to decision in instant OA. Click here for the order of CAT

  • Supreme Court vide judgment dated 13.04.2018 has said that the Govt can not deny reimbursement of cost of treatment of patient even if the treatment was taken in non-panelled hospital and the cost of treatment was above the fixed rate of CGHS. See the judgment dated 13.04.2018

  • Grade Pay of Rs 4600 in PB-2 is allowed to EAs of Prasar Bharati also (recruited by Prasar Bharati after 05.10.2007) by Principal Bench of CAT, New Delhi vide judgment dated 13.03.2018 in OA No. 3436/2015 of Sh. Mahesh Prasad & others. See the judgment

  • Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court has cancelled candidature of EAs, vide order dated 16.03.2018, for appearing in LDCE  for promotion of SEAs to AEs. See the judgment

  • Interim Order passed by Lucknow Bench of CAT on 12.03.18 in OA No.49/2018 filed by Sh. Akhilesh Kr Srivastava & others in the matter of merger of EA & SEA cadres of AIR & DD

  • DGAIR has slapped one advisory for its offices on the issue of refixation and recovery of excess payments from the employees citing judgments of Supreme Court and CAT. Contrary to this, however, DGAIR has always been trifling with the issues finally settled by the courts in favour of the employees while their implementation.  See here DGAIR's order dated 12.02.18 in the matter.

  • DOP&T has decided to revise Provisional Pension sanctioned under Rule-69 of CCS (Pension) Rules,1972 using Pay Matrix.  Click here for the DOP&T's Order dated. 12.02.18

  • DOP&T has issued order dated 31.01.18 on grant of Fixed Medical Allowance revised by the 7th CPC.    Click here for the DOP&T's Order dated. 31.01.18

  • Going by the recommendations of COJS, the Madras Bench of CAT, vide their judgment dated 09.01.2017 passed in OA No. 691/2013 filed by few staff of ADASA, had ordered the Govt. to take decision on withdrawal of upgraded pay scales granted to 11 categories of employees vide MIB's order dated 25.02.1999. The MIB, vide Speaking Order dated 05.02.2018 has decided NOT TO ACCEPT the recommendations of COJS. The scales granted by MIB's order dated 25.02.1999 shall therefore continue for 11 categories of employees.      (1) Speaking Order dated 05.02.2018 issued by MIB           (2) Judgment of the CAT, Madras Bench dated 09.01.2017   

  • OA No. 282/2018 filed by Sh. Vijay R. Haror for merger of EA & SEA wef 01.01.2006 has been disposed of by PB of CAT, New Delhi at admission stage with direction to MIB to merge cadres within 3 months. See CAT, New Delhi's Order dated 08.02.18.

  • In CWP No. 2034/2017 of DGAIR v/s Shyamali Biswas, the Delhi High Court has given long date of 21.11.2018 for next hearing. CWP No. 11639/2017 filed by Mrs Shyamali Biswas before the Delhi High Court to claim MACP1 in GP4800, MACP2 in GP5400 (PB2) & MACP3 in GP5400 (PB3) has been clubbed with CWP No.2034 /2017

  • OA No. 1389/2017 (titled Anil Kumar Sharma & 39 others) for grant of ACP has been scheduled for hearing on 19.04.2018.  OA No.305/2014 (titled Neeraj Tirkey & 115 others)  for grant of ACP has been scheduled for hearing on 08.05.2018.  

  • Simplification of Referral System under CGHS: The MHFW(CGHS) has issued OM dated 15.01.2018 on the subject to further simplify the referral system under CGHS. Click for Orders.            (1) Click here for the notification dated 15.01.18             (2) Click for the notification dated 09.11.17

  • The Supreme Court dismissed on 17.01.2018 the SLP No. 17169/2017 filed by DGAIR against the Madras High Court's order dated 24.04.2017 passed in CP No.664/2015 filed by ADTEA against non-compliance of High Court's judgment dated 24.11.2010 in CWP No.27155/2010. Consequently, the DGAIR will have to pay arrears of pay revision of Tech/Sr.Tech w.e.f. 06.06.2011 instead of 11.03.2014.  Click here for   (1) Supreme Court's order dated 17.01.2018       (2) Madras High Court's Order dated 24.04.2017 

  • With the CAT's order of disposal of OA No. 2479/2015 filed by ARTEE in hand, the MIB has issued a venomous order dated 28.12.2017 to DGAIR to find way for withdrawal of MACP-3 (after counting of upgraded pay scale of 25.02.1999 as one upgradation for grant of MACP) and making recovery of pay thereof from retiring/ retired employees. This is based on DOP&T's one wrong clarification vide note dated 10.07.2013 that any upgradation availed during the career would be counted against three upgradations permissible under MACPS. Click here for MIB's Order dated 28.12.2017

  • A Set back for Subordinate Engineering Employees. OA No. 2479/2015 filed by ARTEE & others against counting of the upgraded scales allowed by MIB's Order dated 25.02.1999 towards one MACP has been disposed of by CAT, Delhi by order dated 01.12.2017 unfortunately linking it with the outcome of CW(P) No. 2034/2017 filed by DGAIR before Delhi High Court against judgment dated 31.03.2016 passed by Delhi CAT in OA No. 1118/2015 of Smt Shyamali Biswas, SEA (Rtd).  In OA No.1118/2015, the CAT had allowed two MACPs to her  and also ordered not to make any recovery from her retirement dues. The Delhi High Court vide interim order dated 11.04.2017 in the CW(P) has stayed operation of CAT's order dated 31.03.2016.   (1) CAT's Order dated 01.12.2017 in ARTEE's     (2) CAT's Order dated 31.03.2016 in Smt. Biswas's      (3) High Court's Stay Order dated 11.04.2017

  • OA No.4336/2017 has been filed before PB, CAT, New Delhi on 08.12.2017 by Sh. V.K.Pasrija & 14 other AEs for promotion to JTS of IBES in accordance with IB(E)S (Amendment) Rules, 2008 which came in force on 18.03.2008 and which had removed QB (degree in engg) in promotions from AE to JTS(IBES). These rules remained in force until IB(E)S (Amendment) Rules, 2013 were notified on 01.01.2013 reintroducing QB. Next date of hearing is on 30.01.2018.

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