Union of Akashvani & Doordarshan (Prasar Bharati) Engineering Employees (UADEE

(Registered under Trade Union Act, 1926; Regn.No. 5135) 

Head Quarter : C-4 D/ 81 B, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110 058

visit our website: http://www.uadee.org




  Interim Orders of CAT on refixation of pay and recovery thereof by withdrawing benefit of MACP on consideration of pay scales of MIB order dayed 25.02.1999 as upgraded pay scales.


    (1) Manjit Singh & others vide order dated 19.04.2018 of CAT, Chandigarh in OA No. 457/2018    (2) B.K.Roy & 2 others vide order dated 17.05.2018 of CAT, Patna in MA No.217/2018 in OA No. 283/2018    (3) PSA vide order dated 26.06.2018 of CAT, New Delhi in MA No.2681/2018 in OA No. 3046/2015     (4) ARTEE vide order dated 29.06.2018 of CAT, New Delhi in CP No. 371/2018 in OA No. 2479/2015        (5) ADTEA vide order dated 04.07.2018 in MA No. 2713/2018 in OA No. 4460/2017    (6) Santosh Kumar vide order dated 29.06.2018 in MA No.2694/2018 in OA No. 1003/2017   (7)  ADTEA vide order dated 01.05.2018 in MA No. 388/2018 in OA No. 932/2017 (Jabalpur Branch)     (8) AADEE vide order dated 20.07.2017 in MA No.2735/2018 in OA No. 2449/2018